Cool Off During the Summer Months

Trust us for your central AC unit repairs in Enumclaw & Auburn, WA

Keeping cool in the hotter months of the year is nearly impossible without a reliable HVAC system. That's why Patriot Heating & AC Inc. offers air conditioning installation services for central AC units and gas pack systems in Enumclaw & Auburn, WA. To reduce hassle, you can even buy a new Coleman unit directly from our company. You can also call us for central AC unit repairs if anything ever goes wrong with your system.

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central ac unit repair enumclaw wa

How to tell if you need a new HVAC unit

It may be hard to tell if you need central AC unit repair or replacement services. Thankfully, there are a few major signs you can look out for. You can check your unit's:

Age-most units last 15 to 25 years
Efficiency-old units can rapidly lose efficiency
General condition-take note of damaged parts

If your unit creates uneven temperatures throughout your home and can't cool your home fully, it's probably time to call for air conditioning installation services. Email us now if you need to replace your old HVAC unit.